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Powder and polymeric covering (PEP) of details and products of various flowers
100 MDL
The powder and polymeric covering (PEP) is intended for protection of products against corrosion, against negative impact of conditions of environment. The wide color gamut allows the consumer to choose unique and unique color him production conforming to its personal requirements. We offer an...
Group: Painting powder paints
Galvanizing of products
450 MDL
Galvanizing is one of the most qualitative ways of anticorrosive protection of a metalwork. Electrochemical sedimentation or hot galvanizing of metals provides long protection them from a rzhavleniye for 10, 15, and even 50 years. Metal galvanization (galvanizing) – a metal surface covering zinc...
Group: Services of zinc plating by galvanic method
Repair and maintenance of cutting equipment
Tarlev A. 060299901: Repair and maintenance of cutting equipment Repairs of pressure equipment
Group: Repair of metal-cutting machine tools
Waterjet cutting in stone and metal
Waterjet cutting - type of processing materials by cutting, wherein as the cutting tool is used instead of the water jet cutter, or a mixture of water and an abrasive material emitted at a high speed and under high pressure. The nature of such a process that occurs naturally, is called water...
Group: Waterjet cutting
Tin works
Group: Tin works
Manufacture of metal structures
Group: Manufacture of metal structures
Welding works
Group: Welding works
Electric welding works
Group: Electric welding works
Casting of plastic products
Group: Casting of plastic products
Services of the pressure casting of plastics
Group: Services of the pressure casting of plastics
Bending works
Group: Bending works
Cold punching
cold pressing + 373 (60) 208815 electromasina@mail. ru
Group: Punching
Cold pressing of metallic details
Group: Cold pressing of metallic details
Cutting of rolled metal products
Group: Cutting of rolled metal products
Varnish-and-paint works
Group: Varnish-and-paint works


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